Security Language with Jean Yang

Security vulnerabilities are an important concern in systems. When we specify that we want certain information hidden, for example our phone number or our date of birth, we expect the system to hide the information. However, this doesn’t always happen due to human error in the code because programmers have to write checks and filters across the program.

In this episode, Edaena Salinas interviews Jean Yang, Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon, who presents Jeeves, a language that allows programmers to specify security policies more intuitively, making it harder to leak information that is meant to be protected. Jean explained how Jeeves was implemented and how it can be used. We also talked about what it takes to bring research concepts from academia to the industry and at the end we had a very interesting conversation on how to educate a broader audience on the importance of security. Jean was also named one of the 35 innovators under 35 by MIT Technology Review.


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