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Doing Anything with George Anders

Software gives us new ways of communicating with each other. Engineers build scalable systems for e-commerce, helpdesk, and video sharing–and these systems do scale, to millions of

Information Theory with Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman

We write code in a language that looks like English. Whether it is JavaScript, Fortran, or assembly language, that code is an abstraction on top of layers of intermediate languages,

Internet Extremism with Lochlan Bloom

Religious extremists use technology to recruit vulnerable individuals to a violent cause. Google is developing ways to combat this extremism through its platforms, namely YouTube. When a

Building Developer Communities with Juan Pablo Buritic√°

Building and nurturing a developer community is hard work but it is vital for the growth of a country’s technology ecosystem. When communities coalesce around programming

Self-Driving Deep Learning with Lex Fridman

Self-driving cars are here. Fully autonomous systems like Waymo are being piloted in less complex circumstances. Human-in-the-loop systems like Tesla Autopilot navigate drivers when it