Building Developer Communities with Juan Pablo Buriticá

Building and nurturing a developer community is hard work but it is vital for the growth of a country’s technology ecosystem. When communities coalesce around programming languages, tools or programming methods, what follows is a network of conferences, meet ups and other similar events.

Juan Pablo Buriticá, VP of Engineering at Splice, has spent the last decade building developer communities in his home country of Colombia and across Latin America as well as running distributed engineering teams. He has helped to launch a number of conferences, meet-ups and more recently, an online meet-up providing advanced technical information for native Spanish speakers.

In today’s episode, Juan returns to Software Engineering Daily to speak with Carl Mungazi about the benefits of having a distributed engineering team and hiring developers from developing nations. He discusses how Colombia came to have the largest Spanish-speaking JavaScript community in the world and the importance of good communication when building software with a team of developers based around the world.

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