Internet Extremism with Lochlan Bloom

Religious extremists use technology to recruit vulnerable individuals to a violent cause. Google is developing ways to combat this extremism through its platforms, namely YouTube. When a user looks for inflammatory religious or supremacist content, YouTube’s “Redirect Method” instead sends those users toward anti-terrorist videos.

Google’s fight against extremism compelled writer Lochlan Bloom to write an article called “The Coming Battle: AI, Extremism, and the New War of Ideas.” Lochlan joins the show to discuss the societal implications of giant internet providers controlling our information flow.

Lochlan is a science fiction writer, most recently of The Wave, a book that mixes existentialism with quantum physics. Our reality is defined by what we observe, and this theme courses through our conversation–from religion to Twitter to artificial intelligence.

Show Notes

The Coming Battle: AI, Extremism, and the New War of Ideas

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