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Web Development in a Post-browser World with Jonathan Stark

“The smart phone itself is turned into the browser.” Continue reading…

Engineering at Quora with Shreyes Seshasai

“If an engineer is doing something repeatedly over and over again, their mind is immediately going to jump to that place where it’s like ‘Okay how can I make this faster?’ or
Quora Engineering

The Future of React with Christopher Chedeau

“When I started React Native, everyone I talked to was like you need the primitives to be platform specific, otherwise this is too crazy, everyone’s tried the cross-platform dream

Crocodile Browser with Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime

What is it like to be a young software engineer in Nigeria? Osine and Anesi Ikhianosime have a deep understanding of the startup tactics that have led to so many successful companies

Apptimize with Nancy Hua

Apptimize provides mobile A/B testing and updates that bypass app store approval walls. Businesses can make changes to apps using Apptimize's powerful and friendly editor, and free up