Web Development in a Post-browser World with Jonathan Stark


“The smart phone itself is turned into the browser.”

Prepare for the post-browser world, says today’s guest Jonathan Stark. We are moving beyond the browser, into a world where the web is consumed by a variety of front ends.

Jonathan is a speaker at the upcoming O’Reilly Fluent Conference in San Francisco, and you can win a free ticket to the conference. To be entered into a random drawing for that ticket, send us a tweet about your favorite episode of Software Engineering Daily between now and February 22nd. Include the hashtag #fluentconf and and tag us @software_daily to make sure we can see your tweet.

Fluent is a conference about the web platform–which certainly includes the browser, but also mobile apps, VR experiences, and smart objects connected to the web. In today’s episode, Jeff and Jonathan explore what adjustments developers should make in this post-browser world.

Jonathan Stark is a mobile consultant who helps consumer brands thrive in the post-PC era.


  • How does mobile’s growth relative to desktop impact front-end developers?
  • Is it better to have lots of depth and specialization as an engineer, or to have more breadth?
  • What are the skills that developers can work on that will never go out of style?
  • What are your thoughts on the open internet and net neutrality debates?
  • How do you work with large companies to implement the technological pivots they’re trying to make?
  • What is interesting that you think will manifest in the digital landscape in the next few years?


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