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Machine Learning Deployments with Kinnary Jangla

Pinterest is a visual feed of ideas, products, clothing, and recipes. Millions of users browse Pinterest to find images and text that are tailored to their interests. Like most

How to Change an Enterprise’s Software and Culture with Zhamak Dehghani

On this show, we spend a lot of time talking about CI/CD, data engineering, and microservices. These technologies have only been widely talked about for the last 5-10 years. That means

Microservices Transition with Cassandra Shum

Many companies are transitioning from a monolith to microservices architecture. Tools for cloud computing, containerization, and continuous delivery are making this easier. But there are

Microservices Practitioners with Austin Gunter and Richard Li

The word “microservices” started getting used after a series of events–companies were moving to cloud virtual machines. Those VMs got broken up into containers, and the

Reactive Microservices Development with Markus Eisele

The goals of microservices are the same as what we have pursued in software engineering for decades: isolation, decoupling, maintainability, scalability. The reason that we use the term