Istio Ambient Mesh with Brian Gracely

Let’s say you have a set of microservices running on a Kubernetes cluster. In the past, developers used to program features like service discovery, observability, who’s allowed to talk to whom and other security related features directly into the application code.
This slowed down the dev cycle and it made these microservices bigger and just generally made everything less flexible.
The service mesh is a tool responsible for handling service-to-service communication. You keep your application small and business focused and instead you dynamically program the intelligence into the network.
The Istio ambient mesh is an alternative to the standard Istio architecture, it allows you to not have to run sidecars per application.

The company was founded by Idit Levine a few years ago. Interestingly the name Solo comes from her being the Solo founder when she started the company and the io domain name was a cool thing to have back then.
Brian Gracely is the Head of Marketing at and he joins us today.

Show host: Jordi Mon Companys

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Microservices have transformed software. If your organization hasn’t transitioned into using them , there’s a good chance it will in the future. There are a lot of complex aspects to consider as part of that: portability, automation, security, and observability to name a few. 

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