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Reactive Microservices with Jonas Boner

For many years, software companies have been breaking up their applications into individual services for the purpose of isolation and maintainability. In the early 2000s, we called this

Microservices with Rafi Schloming

Microservices are a widely adopted pattern for breaking an application up into pieces that can be well-understood by the individual teams within the company. Microservices also allow

Distributed Tracing with Reshmi Krishna

In a microservices architecture, a user request will often make its way through several different services before it returns a result to the end user. If a user experiences a failed

Scaling github with Sam Lambert

github has grown to have 10 million users and 30 million repositories. Getting to this scale has required innovation in many places–github has significantly altered the code for

Scaling Twitter with Buoyant.io’s William Morgan

Six years ago, Twitter was experiencing outages due to high traffic. Back in 2010 Twitter was built as a monolithic Ruby on Rails application. Twitter migrated to a microservices