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Code Analysis with Dan Silivestru and Gord Tanner

“JavaScript as a language is evolving year over year with new implementations and new language features, and we need to make sure we stay on top of those.” Code analysis tools can

Application Crash Monitoring with James Smith

“The dirty secret of software is that you cannot fix every single bug.” Applications can and will crash — it is increasingly important for developers to have visibility into

State of Programming with Jeff Atwood

“The geeks won because somehow we tricked everyone into carrying around a computer with them!” Stack Overflow is used by developers to find out how to build software. Stack Overflow

President Obama’s Hour of Code

From Hadi Partovi’s answer via Quora: This is a great story. launched in February, 2013 with a video (What Most Schools Don’t Teach).  At that time, we had little more

React.js Conf with Brent Vatne

“With React, it’s so much easier to create a mental model of what’s going on in your application.” React is a set of technologies started by Facebook and open-sourced in
react conf