JavaScript Deployments with Brian LeRoux

Full-stack JavaScript applications have been possible since the creation of NodeJS in 2009. Since then, the best practices for building and deploying these applications have steadily evolved with the technology. 

ReactJS created consolidation around the view layer. The emergence of AWS Lambda created a new paradigm for backend execution. Serverless tools such as DynamoDB offer autoscaling abstractions. CDNs such as Cloudflare and Fastly can now do processing on the edge.

Brian LeRoux is the founder of, a hosting and deployment company built on serverless tools. He’s also the primary committer to Architect, a framework for defining applications to be deployed to serverless infrastructure. Brian joins the show to talk about his work in the JavaScript ecosystem and his vision for

Brian is also speaking at Reactathon, a San Francisco JavaScript conference taking place March 30th and 31st in San Francisco. This week we will be interviewing speakers from Reactathon, and if you are interested in JavaScript and the React ecosystem then stay tuned, and if you hear something you like, you can check out the Reactathon conference in person.

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