NextJS with Guillermo Rauch

When ReactJS became popular, frontend web development became easier. But React is just a view layer. Developers who came to React expecting a full web development framework like Ruby on Rails or Django were required to put together a set of tools to satisfy that purpose.

A full-stack JavaScript framework has numerous requirements. How does it scale? How does it handle server-side rendering versus client-side rendering? Should GraphQL be included by default? How should package management work?

Guillermo Rauch is the creator of NextJS, a popular framework for building React applications. He is also the CEO of ZEIT, a cloud hosting company. Guillermo joins the show to discuss NextJS, and his vision for how the React ecosystem will evolve in the near future, as features such as React Suspense and Concurrent Mode impact the developer experience.

Guillermo is also speaking at Reactathon, a San Francisco JavaScript conference taking place March 30th and 31st in San Francisco. This week we will be interviewing speakers from Reactathon, and if you are interested in JavaScript and the React ecosystem then stay tuned, and if you hear something you like, you can check out the Reactathon conference in person.

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