React Fundamentals with Ryan Florence

ReactJS began to standardize frontend web development around 2015. The core ideas around one-way data binding, JSX, and components caused many developers to embrace React with open arms. There has been a large number of educators that have emerged to help train developers wanting to learn React.

A new developer learning React has numerous questions around frameworks, state management, rendering, and other best practices. In today’s episode, those questions are answered by Ryan Florence, a co-founder of React Training.

React Training is a company devoted to helping developers learn React that trains large companies like Google and Netflix how to use React. Ryan has a strong understanding of how to be productive with React, and in today’s episode, he explains some of the fundamentals that commonly confuse new students of React.

Ryan is also speaking at Reactathon, a San Francisco JavaScript conference taking place March 30th and 31st in San Francisco. This week we will be interviewing speakers from Reactathon, and if you are interested in JavaScript and the React ecosystem then stay tuned, and if you hear something you like, you can check out the Reactathon conference in person.

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