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Container Platforms with Darren Shepherd

Container management systems like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm give us a higher level management tool for architectures built out of distributed containers.   Container platforms

Algorithm Marketplace with Diego Oppenheimer of Algorithmia

Algorithmia is marketplace for algorithms. A software engineer who writes an algorithm for image processing or spam detection or TF-IDF can turn that algorithm into a RESTful API to be

Serverless Framework with Austen Collins

Virtual machines were the unit of cloud computation for many years. Amazon Web Services pioneered the democratized model of allowing anyone to deploy a service to the cloud, running on a

OpenStack and the Future of Cloud Computing with John Purrier

“Why do we need any open source versions of proprietary implementations? I would argue that first of all, it’s just good for industry and the ecosystem.” Cloud service providers

Continuous Delivery and Test Automation with Flo Motlik

“It’s Friday night and you’re basically out of the office on your way to meet with friends. And you just merge this thing and put it into production because you have that trust
continuous delivery and test automation