Continuous Delivery and Test Automation with Flo Motlik

continuous delivery and test automation


“It’s Friday night and you’re basically out of the office on your way to meet with friends. And you just merge this thing and put it into production because you have that trust – that the system will capture any kind of problem.”

Continuous integration and deployment are important tools for modern software development. With continuous integration and deployment, individual engineers can push code without waiting to synchronize with the rest of the team on a big software release.

Today on Software Engineering Daily, Flo Motlik, the CTO of Codeship, joins us to discuss continuous integration, dev ops, and microservices. In full disclosure, Codeship is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily, but we would be doing this interview whether or not that was the case, because Flo has a lot to say about software engineering. In this show, we get into conversations and case studies of how software teams take continuous deployment from theory into practice.


  • How does an organization without continuous integration or delivery compare to one with these processes?
  • How should testing strategy be structured to work with a continuous deployment infrastructure?
  • What is a continuous deployment pipeline, and why is it so important?
  • How do you define DevOps?
  • Where did you get the idea to start Codeship?
  • What are the performance benefits of parallelizing tests?



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