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Microservices, Distributed Teams, and Conferences with Juan Pablo Buriticá

“With any system, whether it’s an organization or a biological system, or an information system, communication is always going to be a challenge. And how pieces of the system

The Fluent Conference with Peter Cooper and Simon St. Laurent

“Its very easy to run an event where you have people literally teaching you what you could learn from a book or a video or whatever. What we need to provide is an experience, so that

The Ruby Community with Marty Haught

"Every time I’ve gone to a conference, there’s always been some new idea or some new way of working that I’ve been exposed to." Continue reading…
the ruby community

QCon: Fundamental Answers

Software Engineering Daily prefaces each theme with a collection of fundamental questions. These are the answers to our questions from QCon Week. What are the common threads that