Microservices, Distributed Teams, and Conferences with Juan Pablo Buriticá


“With any system, whether it’s an organization or a biological system, or an information system, communication is always going to be a challenge. And how pieces of the system communicate will have a direct impact on how effective impact on how effective or efficient that organism or organization is.”

In today’s episode, Ben Halpern interviews Juan Buritica, VP of Engineering at Ride. They discuss Ride’s migration from a monolith to microservices, the challenges of running a distributed team and preventing developer burnout.


  • Why did you switch from a Rails app to a microservices oriented architecture?
  • What bottlenecks have you encountered with your systems?
  • How much of onboarding a new engineer is dealing with technical setup versus operational work?
  • Why did you decide to build a distributed team?
  • Are there any security issues when working as a distributed team?
  • Does implementing support cycles help to fight burnout?
  • Why do you enjoy using Elixir?
  • Can you talk about your experience immigrating to the U.S. and learning to code?


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