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Hacker Noon with David Smooke

The New York Times makes most of its money off of subscriptions. Facebook makes its money off of native advertising. Hacker News is funded by Y-Combinator. Each of these business models

Bad Men with Bob Hoffman

In the 1960s, advertising agencies were high-dollar creative producers. A client would come to an ad agency and pay millions of dollars for artistic messaging that would convince a

Advertiser Trust with Marc Goldberg

Despite all the problems with online advertising, ads are not going away. Advertising is fundamental to the modern Internet economy. In previous episodes of Software Engineering Daily,

Ad Fraud Science with Augustine Fou

Advertising fraud continues to plague the Internet. We do not know the scope and scale of that fraud. How many ads on the Internet are viewed by bots? Estimations range from 2% to 99%.

Brave Browser with Jonathan Sampson

Online advertising enables free content and services of the Internet. One of the free services that is powered by advertising is the browser. 60% of web browsing is done through Chrome,