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Advertising Analytics with Jonah Goodhart

Moat is one of the most successful advertising technology companies in history. After building a business from measurement of ad impressions, Moat was sold to Oracle for $850 million.

Advertiser Bidding with Praneet Sharma

Content websites are supported by advertising. Most of the advertisements around the internet are dynamic ad slots that change depending on the user who visits the site. Those dynamic ad

Ad Fraud Overview with Shailin Dhar

The Internet runs on advertising. Advertising is subject to fraud–but then again, so is every system of online transactions. The amount of money lost in electronic payments fraud

Washington Post Engineering with Jarrod Dicker

The Washington Post was acquired by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 2013. Since then, the newspaper has started thinking more like a software company, opting to build new software rather than

Ad Fraud In Our Own Backyard with Shailin Dhar

The online advertising industry is a giant casino. Giant technology companies are the casino owners, online publishers are the casino employees, the brand advertisers are the victims who