Ad Fraud Overview with Shailin Dhar

The Internet runs on advertising. Advertising is subject to fraud–but then again, so is every system of online transactions. The amount of money lost in electronic payments fraud and ecommerce scamming is probably much greater than what is lost due to ad fraud. So why do we keep covering advertising fraud on Software Engineering Daily?

More of our audience needs to know about ad fraud. Few people realize how much fraud there is in online advertising. In previous episodes of Software Engineering Daily, we have explained, how advertising fraud works, why it is absurd and disgraceful, and why nobody talks about.

We also cover ad fraud because I personally find it interesting and sometimes hilarious. Those are the same reasons I invited Shailin Dhar to speak at the third Software Engineering Daily Meetup. Shailin has been on the show twice before and he will be on again in the future. He has made it a full time job to expose ad fraud, and he gives a great presentation on the topic in this episode.

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