Ad Fraud Science with Augustine Fou

Advertising fraud continues to plague the Internet. We do not know the scope and scale of that fraud. How many ads on the Internet are viewed by bots? Estimations range from 2% to 99%.

Advertisers are slowly becoming more educated about fraud, thanks in part to Dr. Augustine Fou. Dr. Fou is a full-time advertising fraud researcher. He looks at data sets of billions of ad impressions to figure out how fraud works and help victims of ad fraud make their case.

Last year, Dr. Fou came on the show to give an overview of his perspective on the world of ad fraud. Today, we dive into the importance of Twitter in ad fraud schemes. We also talk about the severity of fraud on mobile apps. If you downloaded a flashlight app, or an alarm clock app, or a keyboard, that app could be displaying hidden ads that never actually show up.

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