Continuous Intelligence with Kalyan Ramanathan

Logging provides raw data that can be abstracted into higher level information.

Logs are generated at every layer of infrastructure: physical host, virtual machine, container, pod, and Kubernetes cluster. Logs are generated by network proxies, edge servers, and API requests. There is far too much logging information to be read by humans. 

Log messages need to be refined into statistical metrics that can be put into charts. A high volume of log messages can be used to detect anomalies across a system. If unusual behavior is present in a system, the relevant log messages can be identified and sent to a human operator for them to triage and respond to.

Kalyan Ramanathan works at Sumo Logic, a platform for log management and continuous intelligence. Sumo Logic recently published the Continuous Intelligence Report, which is based on a study of over 2000 technology companies. This is a useful data set for anyone who is looking to understand adoption of cloud products and Kubernetes, and it can be found at Kalyan joins the show to discuss log management, continuous intelligence, and the data that Sumo Logic gathered in the Continuous Intelligence Report. Full disclosure: Sumo Logic is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.

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