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Multicloud MySQL with Jiten Vaidya and Anthony Yeh

For many applications, a transactional MySQL database is the source of truth. To make a MySQL database scale, some developers deploy their database using Vitess, a sharding system built

TechPrimers: Software Engineering YouTube with Ajay Kumar

Videos play a key role in the continuing education of a software engineer. Video can capture many different types of content that is useful for engineers: conference talks, tutorial

PlanetScale: Sharded Database Management with Jiten Vaidya and Dan Kozlowski

In the early days of YouTube, there were scalability problems with the MySQL database that hosted the data model for all of YouTube’s videos. The state of the art solution to scaling

Recommendation Systems

Featured Image Source What is a Recommendation System? Every personalized ad on Google, recommended video on YouTube, or Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify is made possible with a set

Vitess: Scaling MySQL with Sugu Sougoumarane

YouTube runs a large MySQL database to hold the metadata about its videos. As YouTube scaled, the database was sharded, and applications within YouTube had to write queries that were