TechPrimers: Software Engineering YouTube with Ajay Kumar

Videos play a key role in the continuing education of a software engineer. Video can capture many different types of content that is useful for engineers: conference talks, tutorial videos, and podcast-style interviews are all popular formats of online video.

YouTube has become the predominant source for video content about software engineering. The open nature of YouTube’s format allows for a tremendous range of content. No matter what your preference is for how you like to learn and be entertained, YouTube has something for you.

TechPrimers is a media channel that is dedicated to sharing technical knowledge in the form of videos, GitHub repositories, and a thriving community. TechPrimers has over 300 videos on YouTube, and more than 48,000 subscribers who regularly watch content about subjects like AWS, Spring, and Kubernetes.

TechPrimers was founded by Ajay Kumar. Ajay has been in the software industry for fifteen years, and has been working in enterprise banking systems for seven years. He has deep experience in modern technologies and engineering practices.

Ajay joins the show to discuss the modern world of software engineering, and his experience building a media platform. He also talks about the technology culture of India. Ajay is based in Bengalaru, and it was exciting to learn how much our different societies have in common thanks to technology. Ajay also had me on his YouTube channel for an interview, which was a lot of fun.


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