Multicloud MySQL with Jiten Vaidya and Anthony Yeh

For many applications, a transactional MySQL database is the source of truth. To make a MySQL database scale, some developers deploy their database using Vitess, a sharding system built on top of Kubernetes. 

Jiten Vaidya and Anthony Yeh work at PlanetScale, a company that focuses on building and supporting MySQL databases sharded with Vitess. Their experience comes from working at YouTube, which has a massive, rapidly growing database for storing the information about videos on the site. Sharding is not the only database problem that YouTube faced. Availability was another issue.

At YouTube, the database operators want YouTube’s MySQL cluster to be resilient to the failure of an entire data center. Similarly, a developer deploying an important MySQL database to the cloud wants their database to be resilient to the failure of an entire cloud provider. Jiten and Anthony join the show to talk about their work building multicloud support for MySQL, and their process of deploying a consistent MySQL database in Azure, GCP, and AWS.

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