Ruby on Rails

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Modern Front End: React, GraphQL, VR, WebAssembly with Adam Conrad

Ten years ago, there was a distinction between “backend” and “frontend” developers. A backend developer would be managing the business logic and database transactions using Ruby

Scaling github with Sam Lambert

github has grown to have 10 million users and 30 million repositories. Getting to this scale has required innovation in many places–github has significantly altered the code for

Open Source and Rails with Aaron Patterson

“I have a really fun time being in open source, and I want other people in the community to feel the same way as well. Programming isn’t just my job – its also my
Aaron Patterson

Bridge Foundry with Sarah Allen

“If we don’t have all of the people represented in the creation activities, I don’t believe we’re going to end up with the solutions that we need for our society.” Technology
bridge foundry

Want to learn Ruby on Rails? Start Here…

From Felix Oginni’s post via Quora: I got the Job. My first project was to build a text messaging application that talks to Wolfram Alpha using the Twilio Api. …Ooo snap. I’m in
the ruby community