Bridge Foundry with Sarah Allen

bridge foundry


“If we don’t have all of the people represented in the creation activities, I don’t believe we’re going to end up with the solutions that we need for our society.”

Technology careers are not as accessible to certain demographics, such as women. Sarah Allen is working to change that through education and outreach. Sarah Allen created RailsBridge and Bridge Foundry, a pair of organizations working to make technology more accessible to people who are underrepresented in tech.

RailsBridge workshops are a fun and free way to get started with Ruby, Rails or other technologies. RailsBridge was so successful that Sarah created Bridge Foundry, which has an even wider variety of free workshops, from Clojure to Go to Mobile. This is an inspirational episode of Software Engineering Daily, and is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in building a community.


  • Why is it important to make tech more diverse?
  • What are the first principles of education that we need to start baking into our educational processes?
  • Why are women so underrepresented in tech?
  • How did you go about scaling Bridge Foundry?
  • How have you encouraged more engineers to take on leadership roles when there is an assumption that you can’t be technical and lead at the same time?
  • Should every child learn to code?
  • How can software change our culture for a brighter more diverse future?


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