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Healthcare Engineering with Isaac Councill

Healthcare is a complex business. Oscar is a company that wanted to build a new insurance provider–but realized that healthcare is so interconnected that in order to build a new

Mesos, Kubernetes, and Infrastructure of the Future with Dharmesh Kakadia

Mesos and Kubernetes are tools for distributed systems management. Kubernetes is built with an emphasis on running services, whereas Mesos is commonly used for a wider variety of

Netflix Scheduling with Sharma Podila

  At Netflix, developers write applications with a variety of requirements–from simple requests for a list of movies to more resource-intensive requests like a complex machine

Mesosphere and Tech Journalism with Derrick Harris

“The business of technology and the technology of technology are kind of converging if you ask me. And there is definitely a space for some publications that don’t have decades of

Mesos and Docker in Practice with Michael Hausenblas

Apache Mesos is an open-source cluster manager that enables resource sharing in a fine-grained manner, improving cluster utilization. Michael Hausenblas is a developer and cloud advocate
Mesos and Docker in Practice