Mesosphere and Tech Journalism with Derrick Harris



“The business of technology and the technology of technology are kind of converging if you ask me. And there is definitely a space for some publications that don’t have decades of technical debt in the software space.”

In this episode, Jeff and Derrick sit down to discuss the state of tech journalism, and how it has kept up with the rapid pace of technology innovation. Additionally, they discuss the evolution of the “big data” stack and where it is headed. The conversation focuses in on Apache Mesos and Mesosphere, the company building the Datacenter Operating System (DCOS).

Derrick Harris is a long time tech journalist, having worked at GigaOm and Fortune as a writer covering tech topics. He currently works at Mesosphere, where he is a tech evangelist.


  • What were your goals as a software journalist?
  • What is Mesosphere?
  • Which technologies do you love covering?
  • What are the aspects of Google and Facebook infrastructure that Mesosphere is helping to democratize?
  • What are the challenges with building a great user experience for the data center?
  • What is a single-technology company?


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