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Linux Kernel Governance with Greg Kroah-Hartman

The code in the Linux kernel changes all the time–11k lines are added, 5.8k lines are removed, and 2k lines are modified DAILY. Linux is an open source operating system that has

Product Development with Cullen Zandstra

Developing a product requires careful balance between engineering, sales, design, and customer service. The founding CTO of a company often needs to take on each of these

Engineering Management with Mike Borozdin

Engineering managers face a different set of problems than engineers themselves. Whether they are hiring new employees, firing underperformers, or guiding a team of existing engineers,

Our Editorial Philosophy

Software Engineering Daily started as a daily podcast about how to build software. Following my own interests, the show evolved toward a discussion of how to create a software company as

Twilio Engineering with Pat Malatack

Back in 2008, the range of tools that engineers could use to connect computer systems together were getting quite good. Cloud computing was democratizing access to servers. But the