Product Development with Cullen Zandstra

Developing a product requires careful balance between engineering, sales, design, and customer service. The founding CTO of a company often needs to take on each of these responsibilities, because when the company only has a few people there is nobody to delegate these different tasks to.

Cullen Zandstra is the CTO at FloQast, a SaaS tool for accounting close management. It isn’t important what that means–we do describe it in this episode, but the actual software product that we are discussing is less important than the general discussions we have. Cullen gives detailed explanations for how to develop a software product.

In the past, Cullen worked at MySpace. After we discussed his current company FloQast, we discussed some of what he learned at MySpace, and why the social network proved to be less durable than Facebook. We also had some great discussion as to why Google+ was ALSO less durable than Facebook.

Also–I should mention that FloQast is hiring engineers in their Los Angeles office. And thanks to my friend Patrick Mathieson for connecting Cullen and myself.


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