Our Editorial Philosophy

Software Engineering Daily started as a daily podcast about how to build software.

Following my own interests, the show evolved toward a discussion of how to create a software company as much as how to build the software itself. Even after 400 episodes of Software Engineering Daily, our coverage continues to inspire me and fill me with a sense of empowerment.

Anyone who wants to build a technology company should work relentlessly toward their vision. It is an artform of the highest sophistication. Your success can yield a bounty enjoyed by billions of people. The questions are peculiar and the answers are iterative rather than decisive. The fun can last you a lifetime.

Groundbreaking tools have been invented for you to use freely. The potential of these tools has scarcely been explored. Take yourself seriously, work relentlessly, and the future is yours.

Our episodes have covered databases, operating systems, programming languages, CAP theorem, web design, robotics, existentialism, music, art, finance, nondeterminism, biology, corporate exploitation, employee complacency, tragedies of the commons, and triumphs of the collective.

Taking New Shape

19 months into Software Engineering Daily, the mission is evolving again.

Our world is changing fast and we are scrambling to find sources of information we can trust. We are all looking for definitive sources of truth.

At the transistor level of computation there are a range of voltages that can represent either a 0 or a 1. We build entire universes out of the boolean abstraction that is not discretely defined beyond “low voltage” or “high voltage.”

The truth is like this.

We reason through the ambiguities and resolve them into a foundation we can build on top of. Sometimes we look back at the lower levels of the foundation and realize a structural mistake in the truth we built. We tear down whatever has been built on the problematic foundation, repair the fault, and continue on.

An enduring publication helps resolve ambiguities. It clearly expresses a viewpoint that is hard to find elsewhere.

Software engineering is affecting the world as fast as any other force of change. But software engineers are busy building computational infrastructure. Their priority is to create software, not to publish content.

Software Engineering Daily examines the world through the lens of software engineering.

We strive to be the multifarious voice of the software engineer. We are scientists and artists and philosophers and tinkerers and world-builders and explorers and utilitarians.

We have endless hunger for knowledge. We are both coldly scientific and warmly human. We walk the full continuum between the axiomatic and the wildly speculative.

We have been so busy shaping the world that we let the simplistic narratives of popular media define how we are perceived.

Software Engineering Daily is where the ideology of the engineer can be defined and refined. It is an editorial for engineers to communicate with one another. It is a publication where non-engineers can find their technical footing.


The values of Software Engineering Daily define how we work and how we measure our results:

  1. Quality: High quality creates value. We will not waste your time with low quality.
  2. Preparation: We research topics thoroughly and draft content to show internal members of the Software Engineering Daily team before it goes public. Preparation enforces quality.
  3. Reliability: We stay true to our personal commitments. Don’t be flaky. In order to move quickly we need to be able to depend on what you say.
  4. Entertainment: We bring personality to our content. We value humor and measured confrontation. Entertaining is more educational than Boring.
  5. Accessibility: Anyone can learn anything they want. Everyone should feel like they can find a productive path through the content on Software Engineering Daily.

If you share our values, come work with us.

If you want to podcast, write, create videos, We’d love to hear from you.

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