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Hacking Your Short-Term Rental with Jeremy Galloway

If you have ever stayed in a short-term rental (like an Airbnb, HomeAway, or CouchSurfing), you have probably used the wifi network at that rental property. Why wouldn’t you? It’s no

Open Compute Project with Steve Helvie

Facebook was rapidly outgrowing its infrastructure in 2009. Classic data center design was not up to the task of the rapid influx of new users and data, photos, and streaming video

Prototype Manufacturing with Jeff McAlvay

Manufacturing electronics is not a simple task and because of its complexity it is also quite expensive. Companies like Apple are able to pull their costs down through economies of

Robot Cloud Lab with Max Hodak

A biologist wants to study the genetic makeup of an organism. A pharmaceutical researcher wants to test the effects of an experimental drug. These types of experiments require a deep

JavaScript and the Internet of Things with Andrew Chalkley

“The lessons that we’re learning on the front-end and on the server side are applicable to hardware. I don’t think that anything’s gonna arise out of hardware that we haven’t
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