Prototype Manufacturing with Jeff McAlvay

Manufacturing electronics is not a simple task and because of its complexity it is also quite expensive. Companies like Apple are able to pull their costs down through economies of scale. Since Apple is always placing huge bulk orders on chips, sensors, and other components, the company can get lower prices for those components than an individual hardware hacker that wants to build a prototype.

Herein lies the opportunity for Tempo Automation, a company that allows rapid prototyping of electronics. By aggregating demand for electronics prototyping, Tempo Automation can offer competitive pricing and speed to anyone who needs a hardware prototype.

I visited Tempo Automation and was given a tour of the production floor by CEO Jeff McAlvay. He showed me the huge machines that are used to build hardware prototypes and explained how they work in serial to produce prototypes. He also mentioned that anyone can schedule a tour of Tempo Automation’s factory by going to their website, and I highly recommend it. After the tour, Jeff and I sat down for an interview about what Tempo Automation is building and their plans for the future.

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