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Decodable Streaming with Eric Sammer

Streaming data platforms like Kafka, Pulsar, and Kinesis are now common in mainstream enterprise architectures, providing low-latency real-time messaging for analytics and applications.

Apache Beam with Frances Perry

Unbounded data streams create difficult challenges for our application architectures. The data never stops coming, and we are forced to assume that we will never know if or when we have

Benchmarking Stream Processing Frameworks with Bobby Evans

“Benchmarks are all crap, but there are some benchmarks that are better than others.” Continue reading…
stream processing frameworks

Stream Processing with Satish Mittal

“We still need to see in the long run how much of community and industry adoption is there. Because at the end of the day, these are the single two most important things which define
stream processing frameworks

Apache Flink with Stephan Ewen

“My bet is that there is going to be a big shift towards streaming technologies in the future.” Apache Flink is an open-source framework for distributed stream and batch data