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42 Coding School with Brittany Bir

42 is tuition-free developer school for students from 18-30. It was started by Xavier Niel, a French billionaire who wanted to encourage a new model of software education. 42 has

Doing Anything with George Anders

Software gives us new ways of communicating with each other. Engineers build scalable systems for e-commerce, helpdesk, and video sharing–and these systems do scale, to millions of

Software in Latin America with Mariana Costa

Access to education is something everyone strives for but not all achieve–especially education that leads to meaningful and well-paying work. In today’s world where software

Devoxx4Kids with Arun Gupta

Devoxx4Kids is an organization that is inspiring children through robotics, programming, and engineering. Kids who attend a Devoxx4Kids workshop are exposed to entertaining and

The Recurse Center with Nick Bergson-Shilcock

Learning to program is about self-driven exploration. Universities help guide you, coding boot camps provide a rigorous environment to work in, and online coding courses provide content