Software in Latin America with Mariana Costa

Access to education is something everyone strives for but not all achieve–especially education that leads to meaningful and well-paying work. In today’s world where software is eating all sorts of industries, access to a good technical education is still out of the reach of many people.

Laboratoria is a social enterprise which teaches women from low-income backgrounds in Peru, Mexico and Chile how to code and helps place them in coding jobs. It was started in Peru by couple Mariana Costa (CEO) and Herman Marin (CTO) along with a friend after they found it difficult to hire developers for a web agency they had started.

In today’s episode, Mariana talks to Carl Mungazi about how Laboratoria is using software engineering to change the lives of the women in Latin America whilst also meeting a demand for good technical talent. She discusses the challenges faced by her students, who sometimes spend hours traveling to the school, and her plans for training 10,000 developers over the next five years.


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