42 Coding School with Brittany Bir

42 is tuition-free developer school for students from 18-30. It was started by Xavier Niel, a French billionaire who wanted to encourage a new model of software education. 42 has campuses in France and Silicon Valley.

42 has very high standards for the students it admits, because the students that get in are not paying tuition, but they have 24/7 access to high quality computers and a beautiful campus. Unlike coding bootcamps, 42 lasts 3-5 years. Students who graduate are equipped with both computer science theory and the practical ability to see projects through on their own.

Brittany Bir is the chief operating officer of 42 Coding School in Silicon Valley.  She joins the show to talk about how 42 works and the future of programming education. At 42, the focus is on peer-to-peer learning. Students complete projects of their own choosing, and are also required to take on internships and get real world work experience.

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