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Report: “We went Monorepo.”

This post was originally written by Gunar Gessner. Reposted with permission. In October we decided to make a horizontal investment in speed and decided to go monorepo with our services

Machine Learning Deployments with Kinnary Jangla

Pinterest is a visual feed of ideas, products, clothing, and recipes. Millions of users browse Pinterest to find images and text that are tailored to their interests. Like most

Docker Cloudcasting with Brian Gracely

Cloud computing was something much different in 2011, when Brian Gracely and Aaron Delp started The Cloudcast, a podcast I listen to on a regular basis. The Cloudcast features technical

Docker Fork with Alex Williams and Joab Jackson

Docker containers changed how engineers think about building software, and the company most responsible for the widespread adoption of containers is Docker itself. Since containerization

Unikernels with Idit Levine

Unikernels allow us to specify the minimum features of an operating system we need to deploy our applications. We’ve had many shows about containers, which allow you to deploy your