Portainer: Container Management with Neil Cresswell

Running applications in containerized environments involves regularly organizing, adding and replacing containers. This complex job may involve managing clusters of containers in different geographic locations with different configuration requirements. Platforms like Kubernetes are great for managing this complexity, but include steep learning curves to efficiently get anything off the ground.

The company Portainer provides a universal container management tool that works with Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Swarm, and Azure ACI. It enables managing containers without knowing platform-specific code and best practices. Instead, deploying containerized applications is done through a simple Graphical User Interface. Once deployed, you can observe and monitor the apps and govern security settings all through Portainer. 

In this episode, we talk to Neil Cresswell, CEO and Co-Founder of Portainer.io, based in Auckland New Zealand.

Neil is a career consultant, having spent 25 years in the roles of systems engineering, IT consulting, and more recently IT management. Neil started his career with 12 years at IBM as his foundation, where he had a leading role in Server, Storage, and Virtualisation systems engineering. Portainer has now grown into an entity of its own right, and using Neil’s knowledge of the CIO’s requirements, knowledge of the technology, and knowledge of infrastructure management, Neil has crafted Portainer into a strong contender in the container management space. Neil now runs the Portainer.io business and is responsible for the overall product strategy and the team entrusted to deliver on that strategy.

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