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unikernels and unik with Scott Weiss

The Linux kernel of many popular operating system distributions contains 200-500 million lines of code. The average user never touches many of the libraries that are contained in these

Mobycraft with Aditya Gupta

MobyCraft is a client-side Minecraft mod to manage and visualize Docker containers. MobyCraft was created by Aditya Gupta. I met him at DockerCon, where he gave a presentation about his

Kubernetes Origins with Craig Mcluckie

The container management system Kubernetes was open sourced by Google with the intention of creating a cloud service based on the project. Today, the Kubernetes ecosystem is looking

Container Platforms with Darren Shepherd

Container management systems like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm give us a higher level management tool for architectures built out of distributed containers.   Container platforms

Manufacturing and Microservices with Cimpress’ Jim Sokoloff and Maarten Wensveen

Mass customization is the process of making customized, personalized products that are accessible to individuals and small businesses. The process involves manufacturing, assembly lines,