Distributed Systems

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Decentralized Objects with Martin Kleppman

The Internet was designed as a decentralized system. Theoretically, if Alice wants to send an email to Bob, she can set up an email client on her computer and send that email to Bob’s

Cloud-Native SQL with Alex Robinson

Applications built in the cloud are often serving requests from all around the world. A user in Hong Kong could have written to a database entry at the moment just before a user in San

Google Early Days with John Looney

John Looney spent more than 10 years at Google. He started with infrastructure, and was part of the team that migrated Google File System to Colossus, the successor to GFS. Imagine

Distributed Deep Learning with Will Constable

Deep learning allows engineers to build models that can make decisions based on training data. These models improve over time using stochastic gradient descent. When a model gets big

Data Intensive Applications with Martin Kleppmann

A new programmer learns to build applications using data structures like a queue, a cache, or a database. Modern cloud applications are built using more sophisticated tools like Redis,