Replicated Software Delivery with Grant Miller and Marc Campbell

Distributed systems are required to run most modern enterprise software. Application services need multiple instances for scalability and failover. Large databases are sharded onto multiple nodes. Logging services, streaming frameworks, and continuous integration tools all require the orchestration of more than one server.

Deploying a distributed system has historically been difficult because the nodes of the system must be managed by the underlying infrastructure. If I have a distributed database that I want to deploy, the complexity of that deployment is going to be different depending on whether I am running on AWS, or VMware, or my own bare metal server infrastructure. 

Heterogeneous server infrastructure makes it hard to sell distributed applications that get deployed to that infrastructure. A vendor that is selling a distributed database would need to figure out how to make their database work on the infrastructure of any given customer. 

Kubernetes has simplified the process of deploying a distributed application. Kubernetes is a container orchestration system that has steadily grown in popularity, to the point where the ecosystem is mature and the software is stable. Now that the software industry has a reliable, portable means of deploying a distributed application, the enterprise software market is becoming easier to enter for companies that sell a distributed application.

Replicated is a company that builds products for software delivery. Replicated allows for the distribution and updating of applications that would have been hard to deploy in the past. Grant Miller and Marc Campbell are the CEO and CTO of Replicated, and they join the show to talk about the modern enterprise software market, and the process of delivering software to companies that might otherwise have trouble consuming it. Full disclosure: Replicated is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.

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