Distributed Systems

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SPIFFE and SPIRE with Derek Edwards and Ryan Turner

The shift to microservices architectures and distributed systems has been a challenge for systems using conventional security practices, such filtering IP addresses using network

Robinhood Engineering with Jaren Glover

Robinhood is a platform for buying and selling stocks and cryptocurrencies. Robinhood is complex, fast-moving, and financial, and together these things require high quality engineering

Distributed Systems Research with Peter Alvaro

Every software company is a distributed system, and distributed systems fail in unexpected ways.  This ever-present tendency for systems to fail has led to the rise of failure testing,

CockroachDB with Peter Mattis

A relational database often holds critical operational data for a company, including user names and financial information. Since this data is so important, a relational database must be

Replicated Software Delivery with Grant Miller and Marc Campbell

Distributed systems are required to run most modern enterprise software. Application services need multiple instances for scalability and failover. Large databases are sharded onto