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GraphQL: Designing APIs for the Internet of Everything

GraphQL is not just changing the way we think about APIs, but transforming how we build applications for the modern internet. GraphQL was conceived when Facebook was rebuilding their

Lottie Animation with Brandon Withrow and Gabriel Peal

Animations make an application more fun and engaging. For most apps, animation is an afterthought. Developers are concerned with getting the functionality right, and designers have

Design for Non-designers with Tracy Osborn

“Just paying attention to clutter in general, makes things a lot better.” Design is more important than ever. There are so many websites being created every day, that it is not
design for non-designers

Designing for Drunk Users with Austin Knight

“Your product or your website should be so simple and so well designed that even a drunk person could use it.” Continue reading…
drunk user

Turing School with Steve Kinney

Turing School of Software and Design is a seven-month program that teaches software development in Denver. Steve Kinney is the co-director of academics at Turing School of Software