Designing for Drunk Users with Austin Knight

drunk user


“Your product or your website should be so simple and so well designed that even a drunk person could use it.”

In today’s episode of SEDaily, Jeff and Austin discuss why designing for a drunk user is a competitive advantage. Austin also explains why engineers need to think about UX and how they can incorporate UX considerations into development workflows.

Austin Knight is a designer and UX engineer at Hubspot.

Austin will be speaking at the upcoming Fluent Conference, and Software Engineering Daily is giving away a ticket to Fluent, which will be held March 8-10 in San Francisco. To be entered in a random drawing for this free ticket, tweet about your favorite episode of Software Engineering Daily between now and February 22nd. Make sure to tag us @software_daily and Fluent @fluentconf so we see your tweet.


  • Why is UX design so important in 2016?
  • How does UX testing drive modern UX design?
  • Why should we consider the average internet user to be drunk when we design web products?
  • What insights did you get from watching a drunk guy navigate your website?
  • Why is there a conflict between what a user does and what a user says?
  • How can you institutionalize harsh feedback into your tests?
  • Is there any benefit in treating design like art, and intuiting how a product should be defined?
  • Why should software engineers care about design?


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