Design for Non-designers with Tracy Osborn

design for non-designers


“Just paying attention to clutter in general, makes things a lot better.”

Design is more important than ever. There are so many websites being created every day, that it is not enough to differentiate your product with rock solid engineering. Your product has to be beautiful, intuitive, and tested for usability. You don’t want all of the hard work of the product and engineering teams to go to waste, so on this episode, the focus is design.

Tracy Osborn is the creator of WeddingLovely, a beautifully designed two sided marketplace website, where people who are getting married connect with wedding vendors. Today, Tracy discusses “design for nondesigners”. Whether you are an engineer, a marketer, or a business analyst, just learning a few simple tactics about design can take you far.


  • Why is design important for engineers?
  • What were the design mistakes you saw other wedding websites make when you founded Wedding lovely?
  • How does mobile factor into your design strategy?
  • What were the challenges designing to accommodate both sides in a two-sided marketplace?
  • What are some “design hacks” that non-designers can implement easily?
  • How can engineers and designers work more harmoniously together?


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