data warehousing

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Modern Data Stacks Optimized by Mozart Data with Peter Fishman and Dan Silberman

Modern companies leverage dozens or even hundreds of software solutions to solve specific needs of the business.  Organizations need to collect all these disparate data sources into a

ClickHouse: Data Warehousing with Robert Hodges

Columnar databases store and retrieve columns of data rather than rows of data. Each block of data in a columnar database stores up to 3 times as many records as row-based storage. This Intelligent Analyses with Ahmed Elsamadisi

A data-driven organization collects a wide variety of data to help in strategic decision-making. The cost of storing large amounts and variety of data has dropped dramatically in the

Fivetran: Data Connectors with George Fraser

Large companies have multiple databases, multiple data formats, and multiple applications that need to use the data. Every data engineer needs to move data between these different