ClickHouse: Data Warehousing with Robert Hodges

Columnar databases store and retrieve columns of data rather than rows of data. Each block of data in a columnar database stores up to 3 times as many records as row-based storage. This means you can read data with a third of the power needed in row-based data, among other advantages.

The company Altinity is the leading enterprise provider for ClickHouse – an open-source column-store analytic database, now a fully managed service developed and operated with Altinity.Cloud. Altinity only bills for the compute, storage, and support that is used. They provide enterprise support for analytic applications like tuning queries, Kafka support, and ClickHouse bugs, and their ClickHouse clusters run with out-of-the-box security and privacy.

In this episode we talk with Robert Hodges, CEO at Altinity. Before becoming CEO at Altinity, Robert worked as a Senior Staff Engineer at VMWare and was the CEO of Continuent before that. We discuss databases and data warehousing, ClickHouse, and how Altinity helps customers create enterprise analytic applications.

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