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Hiring Engineers with Ammon Bartram

http://traffic.libsyn.com/sedaily/Triplebyte_Edited.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download “Humans are the most complicated thing out there – judging human skill is extremely hard, there’s all kinds of ways that people can be good.” Triplebyte is a technical hiring platform that vets engineers using a comprehensive evaluation platform and connects them to companies that are interesting in hiring them. Triplebyte was part of the Y Combinator summer class of 2015. Ammon Bartram

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Code Fellows with Dave Parker

“We’re not in the business of taking tuition, we’re in the business of getting people jobs.”

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GeekWire Podcast with Software Engineering Daily

“I would say that the vast majority of people see programming more as a science. But to get the best work out of yourself, you have to be thinking from an artistic perspective. So it makes sense to make your north star, as an engineer, some sort of artistic goal.”

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Episode 100 with Pranay Mohan

“Software is this really unique field that is growing so rapidly that people are almost forced to specialize into one subdomain – and that kind of stratification is good for your job and for your employers, but it’s not necessarily good for you as an individual trying to grow in the field of software.”

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Software and Entrepreneurship with Seth Godin

“The playing field has never ever been more leveled – that means everything you don’t build is your choice not to build it.”

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Knowledge-Based Programming with Stephen Wolfram

“The cloud as an environment – I had thought it was a purely utilitarian kind of thing. What I realized is that it’s a fascinating centralized repository of computation.”

Wolfram Research makes computing software powered by the Wolfram language, a knowledge-based programming language that draws from symbolic and functional programming paradigms.

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Treehouse with Ryan Carson

“[As adults] we get overly serious, and a lot of the fun goes out of learning, so I think what we’re trying to do is make Treehouse delightful.”

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